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Mayor's DC Statehood Message PSA 07/05/18

Video Archive

6/26/20 'The founding fathers produced a Constitution that could be changed' | Final Thought

6/25/20  #DCStatehood

6/16/20 Mayor Bowser Joins Congressional Leaders for Press Conference on DC Statehood, 6/16/20

2/10/20 DC Officials Hold Press Conference to Rally Residents Ahead of DC Statehood Markup, 2/10/20

1/31/20 District Officials Announce Major DC Statehood Update, 1/30/20

12/23/19 Happy Holidays, DC!

9/20/19 Mayor Muriel Bowser Unveils DC Statehood Art, 9/20/19

9/19/19 The DC Statehood Constitution

9/17/19 DC City Administrators Hold Roundtable Discussion on DC Statehood, 9/16/19

9/16/19 Mayor Bowser, Rep. Norton & 51 Veterans Kick Off DC Statehood Week with 51-Star Flag Salute, 9/16/19

9/15/19 DC Statehood

5/31/19 Press Conference: Announcing Major DC Statehood Update, 5/30/19

2/27/19 Mayor Bowser & Rep. Norton Host DC Statehood Lobby Day, 2/27/19

1/30/19 District Officials Announce Major DC Statehood Update, 1/30/20

1/4/19 Rep. Norton Hosts DC Statehood Press Conference w/ Mayor Bowser & Chairman Mendelson, 1/4/19

11/29/18 City Winery’s ‘The 51’ Wines Support DC Statehood

7/5/18 Mayor's DC Statehood Message PSA- 90sec Open Captioned 07/05/18

11/7/17 LISTEN: DC MAYOR MURIEL BOWSER Encouraged Voters To Support DC Statehood On The Ballot

3/1/17 Mayor Bowser Joins Rep. Norton to Announce Introduction of Washington, DC Admission Act, 3/1/17

11/9/16 Press Conference on DC Statehood and Preservation of Affordable Housing, 11/9/16

7/22/16 DC Statehood "Why It Matters"

6/22/16 New Columbia Statehood Commission convenes Constitutional Convention, 6/17/16

6/16/16 DC Statehood Constitutional Convention, 6/13/16

4/16/16 DC defies feds on budget, with eye toward statehood

8/2/15 Washington DC Statehood: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Radio Archive

9/18/19 What The Constitution Says About D.C. Statehood

9/17/19 The New Battle For DC Statehood

9/16/19 DC Mayor and veterans rally on Pennsylvania Avenue in push for DC statehood

1/4/19 HR 51 DC Statehood Bill: Legislation introduced to make DC the 51st state

1/4/19 Lawmakers make another push for DC statehood