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3/18/22 DC Statehood Explained | Brennan Center for Justice



  1/31/21 What to know about Washington, DC’s fight to be the 51st state

  1/31/21 Schumer: We Have to Address Issues Like D.C. Statehood, Automatic Voter Registration, We'll Get 'Big, Bold Change' 'No Matter What'

  1/31/21 The energy is different now': how Biden and Harris could boost DC's cultural scene

  1/30/21 Mayor Muriel Bowser Continues Advocacy: ‘The Time For D.C. Statehood Is Now’

  1/30/21 Democrats Start Stage One of Their Endgame for America: Officially Move to Make DC 51st State

  1/30/21 Scrap the Filibuster and make D.C. a state

  1/29/21 Denying Washington, D.C., statehood is partisan, prejudicial and worse ... un-American

  1/28/21 Local members of Congress propose giving D.C. control of its National Guard troops

  1/27/21 Senators Warner, Kaine cosponsor legislation reintroducing bill to grant DC statehood

  1/27/21 DC Statehood Bill Introduced By Senate Democrats

  1/27/21 Is D.C. Finally on the Brink of Statehood?

  1/25/21 Op-Ed: Why the Capitol riot could speed up D.C.'s path to statehood

  1/25/21 NAACP President And CEO Releases Statement In Support Of D.C. Statehood

  1/19/21 DC statehood needed now more than ever in wake of Capitol riot, shadow rep. says

  1/19/21 Opinion: D.C. needs statehood more than ever, and the Capitol riot proves it

  1/18/21 VERIFY: Explaining how DC is governed, and how statehood could impact it

  1/17/21 When Trump and others were silent after the Capitol breach, D.C.’s mayor stepped up

  1/16/21 Half of Americans support D.C. statehood in the wake of the Capitol riots

  1/13/21 The best way to secure the Capitol is to make D.C. a state

  1/13/21 D.C. Statehood Advocates Strategize for 117th Congress

  1/12/21 Arguments for D.C. Statehood grow stronger following Capitol attack and plans for inauguration violence

  1/12/21 Opinion: Statehood is not just about D.C. anymore

  1/9/21 After coming to the Capitol’s rescue, D.C. leaders seek more autonomy under Biden

  1/8/21 Could D.C. become a state? Explaining the hurdles to statehood.

  1/7/21 Democratic control of Senate — and Capitol breach — put D.C. statehood front and center

  1/6/21 What the Georgia Results Mean for the D.C. Statehood

  1/5/21 Breakfast links: The push for DC statehood starts over with a new Congress

  1/4/21 Eleanor Holmes Norton Restarts D.C. Statehood Process With New Congress



  11/15/20 Opinion: Republicans know D.C. needs voting rights, but their own power takes precedence

  10/22/20 DC’s ‘shadow senators’ and the fight for statehood

  10/15/20 Republicans Are Worried About D.C. Statehood

  10/1/20 The 51st State America Needs

  9/28/20 D.C. Statehood Is A Civil Rights Issue For Young Activists

  9/24/20 Hopes for DC, Puerto Rico statehood rise

  9/16/20 Arena Stage tackles DC statehood, racism in streaming film ’51st State’

  9/14/20 Florence Pendleton, pioneering DC shadow senator and statehood champion, dies at 94

  7/8/20 Does Washington have ‘real people?’ Asking for some friends in Congress

  7/8/20 Retrocession is yet another distraction from D.C. statehood

  6/29/20 DC Isn’t A State — But It Might Become One Sooner Than You Think

  6/28/20 Trump, statehood, police funding fight up DC mayor’s profile

  6/28/20 D.C. Statehood Movement: Unruffled by Coronavirus And Approaching Potential Milestone Amid Protests

  6/27/20 House passes DC statehood bill: Here’s how it would work

  6/27/20 A powerful mural was created as part of D.C.’s push for statehood. It also shows the diversity of the Black Lives Matter movement.

  6/26/20 In Historic First, The House Of Representatives Passes D.C. Statehood Bill.

  6/26/20 Closer Than Ever: House Passes DC Statehood Bill in Historic Vote

  6/29/20 The House casts a historic vote for D.C. statehood. Now let’s elect senators who will do the same.

  6/26/20 Congress Votes on D.C. Statehood

  6/26/20 District Line Daily: Historic Day

  6/26/20 The House Just Passed a Bill to Establish DC Statehood. Now What?

  6/26/20 LeBlanc declares support for D.C. statehood

  6/26/20 House votes to make DC the 51st state

  6/26/20 The Case Against D.C. Statehood Hasn’t Changed Since Marion Barry

  6/26/20 House Passes D.C. Statehood Bill in Historic Vote

  6/26/20 House Approves 'Historic' Legislation Granting Statehood to Washington, D.C.

  6/26/20 D.C. statehood approved by U.S. House for first time in history

  6/26/20 DC is closer to becoming a state now than it has ever been

  6/25/20 Democrats are finally voting for D.C. statehood. Now they need to keep pushing

  6/25/20 Muriel Bowser riding coronavirus success into vote on D.C. statehood

  6/25/20 Washington’s Lone Voice In Congress Praises ‘Historic’ Vote For Statehood

  6/25/20 House votes to make D.C. the 51st state; Senate GOP opposes

  6/24/20 The quest for D.C. statehood can’t end after Friday’s vote

  6/22/20 D.C. Launches Mural Project Ahead of Historic Statehood Vote

  6/22/20 Road ahead: Dueling policing bills and DC statehood to get votes

  6/16/20 House to vote on historic D.C. statehood bill next week

  6/16/20 Hoyer sets June 26 date for historic House vote on D.C. statehood bill

  6/16/20 DC is closer to becoming a state now than it has ever been

  6/16/20 House Democrats schedule June 26 vote on DC statehood

  6/16/20 U.S. House Of Representatives Schedules D.C. Statehood Vote For June 26

  6/16/20 Hoyer Announces House Vote on DC Statehood

  6/9/20 Washington, D.C., Deserves Statehood

4/24/20 New Coronavirus Relief Bill Doesn’t Answer DC’s Call for $750M

4/2/20 Federal government gave D.C. a fraction of what it sought to fight coronavirus

4/1/20 Coronavirus shows the need for D.C. and Puerto Rico to become states

3/28/20 DC argues it is shortchanged by coronavirus relief bill

3/27/20 D.C. Mayor Says Lack Of Stimulus Funds 'Infuriating' While Staffer Dies Of COVID-19

3/26/20 DC Mayor Blasts Congress Over Coronavirus Relief Package

3/26/20 Mayor Bowser: DC gets $725M less in coronavirus relief funds than states

3/26/20 ‘Shameful’: Coronavirus Bailout Bill Shortchanges DC by $750M, Leaders Say

3/26/20 D.C. mayor on COVID-19 relief bill: City's treatment as a territory 'infuriating'

3/26/20 District Leaders Are Pissed About That Congressional Coronavirus Relief Snub

3/26/20 D.C. mayor slams Congress over COVID-19 relief package

3/26/20 D.C. could get severely shortchanged in federal coronavirus stimulus bill

3/26/20 DC's mayor says amount of funds allocated for coronavirus is 'infuriating'

3/26/20 D.C. was intentionally classified as a territory in virus-aid bill, lawmakers say

2/27/20 All States Get Two Statues At The U.S. Capitol. Now, D.C. Is Getting Its Second

2/20/20 Douglass County, Maryland, Is the Best Form of D.C. Statehood

2/12/20 D.C. Statehood Passes Committee: Now on to the House

2/12/20 Montgomery council sponsors resolution favoring D.C. statehood

2/12/20 Hoyer promises D.C. statehood vote on House floor ‘before the summer’

2/11/20 Committee votes to send DC statehood bill to House floor

2/11/20 House Committee Passes DC Statehood Bill

2/11/20 House of Representatives will vote on making DC the 51st state

2/11/20 DC Statehood Bill Inches Toward Full House Vote

2/11/20 House committee approves bill to make Washington, D.C. the 51st state


2/6/20 Will Washington, DC, Become the 51st State? A 2020 Vote Will Tell

2/5/20 House of Representatives will vote on DC statehood before the summer, says Steny Hoyer

1/30/20 DC Statehood to Get Congressional Vote Next Month

1/30/20 Legislators to vote on DC statehood for the first time since 1993

1/30/20 D.C. Statehood Is Getting A Congressional Vote For The First Time Since 1993

1/24/20 VA delegate wants to give Arlington and Alexandria back to DC

1/23/20 Here’s Where Each 2020 Candidate Stands on DC Statehood

1/2/20 Bowser Uses Holidays to Advocate for Statehood



12/23/19 The Year 2019 In Local News

11/11/19 D.C. veterans deserve political rights of statehood, activists say

11/6/19 D.C. Statehood Movement Takes Cause to the Courthouse

11/6/19 D.C. officials, activists ramp up statehood push

11/6/19 D.C. Election Roundup: Racine Talks Statehood to D.C. Democrats

10/31/19 THIS IS REAL: Hillary Calls for DC Statehood Because Their Team Won the World Series

10/23/19 Bowser, O'Malley To Speak At 2020 SXSW Conference & Festivals

10/22/19 D.C. statehood gets a shout-out in congresswomens' World Series jersey bet

10/21/19 DC statehood finds support from majority of Marylanders

10/21/19 Marylanders narrowly favor D.C. statehood, unlike Americans overall, according to Post-U. Md. Poll

10/2/19 Bowser Reveals Statehood Strategy

9/30/19 Congress holds its first hearing for D.C. statehood in over a quarter-century

9/27/19 Denying D.C. Statehood is a “Denial of Our History”

9/26/19 D.C. Statehood Gets First Congress Hearing in 25 Years

9/26/19 Congress Holds First Hearing on DC Statehood in 26 Years

9/25/19 The US almost tore itself apart to get to 50 states. Can DC make it 51?

9/25/19 Bowser continues push to make D.C. 51st state with a visit to elementary school

9/25/19 Third-graders want to talk to Mayor Bowser about DC statehood

9/23/19 LeBlanc joins three local university presidents in push for D.C. statehood

9/23/19 Bowser, D.C. Officials Make Compelling Statehood Pitch to Congress

9/21/19 Republicans think D.C. statehood is about parking spaces

9/20/19 Statehood Hearing: Seven Things We Learned

9/20/19 Republican Arguments Against D.C. Statehood Aren’t Getting Any Newer—or Any Less Racist

9/20/19 Bowser Testifies Before House Committee on DC Statehood

9/19/19 After ‘momentous’ DC statehood hearing, supporters march to unify cause

9/19/19 D.C. statehood: What to expect of the first House hearing on the issue in more than 25 years

9/19/19 Three Takeaways From the Historic D.C. Statehood Hearing

9/19/19 Tlaib vows to display altered American flag with 51 stars in support of DC statehood

9/19/19 Democrat accuses GOP of opposing DC statehood because of 'race and partisanship'

9/19/19 District officials make case for D.C. statehood in face of GOP opposition

9/19/19 In A Hearing About Statehood For 700,000 Washingtonians, Republicans Focused On Jack Evans And The Founding Fathers

9/19/19 D.C. Statehood Week: Standing Up for 51

9/19/19 For D.C. Statehood Advocates, a Hearing Marks Another Step Forward

9/19/19 DC can’t have statehood because… of parking?

9/19/19 Here's why locals say yes or no to DC statehood

9/19/19 When Adding New States Helped the Republicans

9/19/19 The House Held A Historic Hearing On Making Washington, DC, The 51st State

9/19/19 What You Need To Know About D.C. Statehood Ahead of Thursday's Historic Hearing

9/18/19 The Past, Present, And (Potential) Future Of D.C. Statehood, Explained

9/18/19 DC Prepares for 1st House Statehood Hearing in 25 Years

9/18/19 How to watch Congress’s historic D.C. statehood hearing

9/18/19 DC statehood hearing held for the first time in 26 years

9/18/19 What The Constitution Says About D.C. Statehood

9/18/19 LeBlanc expresses ‘full support’ for D.C. statehood before hearing in Congress

9/17/19 This is D.C. statehood’s only way forward

9/17/19 Future of the District: Should DC become 51st State or Douglass County, Md.?

9/17/19 51-star American flags line Pennsylvania Avenue as Washington, D.C. seeks statehood

9/17/19 DC Mayor Bowser Prepares for Statehood Hearing: ‘We Are Not Equal’

9/16/19 Bowser and Norton hope 2019 is the year for D.C. statehood

9/16/19 Bowser leads rally for D.C. statehood as House hearing nears

9/16/19 Mayor Bowser leads rally for D.C. statehood

9/16/19 ‘Give Us Our Star, Give Us Our State’: Commercial Promoting DC Statehood Features Veteran

9/16/19 Bus of 51 Veterans Rolls Down Pennsylvania Avenue to Promote DC Statehood

9/16/19 D.C. evokes spirit of 1776 in battle for statehood

9/16/19 51-star American flags displayed in DC in run-up to statehood hearing

9/16/19 Parade features American flags with 51 stars ahead of historic DC statehood hearing

9/16/19 Mayor Bowser will lead a parade with 51 DC veterans and fly 51-star American flags along Pennsylvania Avenue in a salute to DC statehood

9/16/19 House Democrats held the first hearing on DC statehood in 25 years

9/14/19 DC flies flags with 51 stars ahead of statehood parade

9/11/19 House panel announces witnesses for D.C. statehood hearing

9/10/19 DC Statehood Moves Closer To Passing House: Del. Norton

7/31/19 Why Washingtonians need to have statehood for District of Columbia

7/30/19 Norton: DC Statehood Will Get a Full Hearing in US House

7/30/19 Pete Buttigieg is first Democratic presidential candidate to mention DC statehood during Tuesday debate

7/29/19 New date set for D.C. statehood hearing in U.S. House

7/29/19 Progressive Network Unveils Vision To Radically Transform U.S. Government

7/25/19 D.C. statehood is winnable

7/22/19 Paul Waldman: Why D.C. statehood isn't more popular

7/22/19 The D.C. statehood initiative needs an infusion of cash

7/20/19 D.C. statehood, LGBT polls shock

7/8/19 Exclusive: Gallup Is Polling on DC Statehood

7/8/19 DC statehood is necessary to fully secure right for women to choose

7/5/19 Ahead of crucial hearing, national organizations throw support for DC statehood

5/30/19 House majority leader endorses DC statehood

5/30/19 D.C. statehood to receive first House hearing in 25 years, wins Hoyer’s support

5/23/19 This New Campaign Plans To Spend ‘Seven Figures’ Pushing For D.C. Statehood. But It Won’t Disclose Its Funders

5/21/19 House to vote on D.C. statehood for first time in 25 years

5/19/19 Statehood Has Gained More Ground These Past Three Months Than Ever Before, Says Eleanor Holmes Norton

4/26/19 Norton, Bowser Ramp up D.C. Statehood Push

4/16/19 20 attorneys general add support for DC statehood bill

3/31/19 House Will Hold Hearing On D.C. Statehood In July

3/30/19 At 100, this World War II veteran is still on the march

3/30/19 DC Statehood Bill Scheduled for House Committee Hearing

3/30/19 D.C. officials 'determined to become the 51st state'; statehood hearing planned for July

3/30/19 House committee to hold hearing on DC statehood bill this summer

3/30/19 Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer reverses stand, announces support for D.C. statehood

3/20/19 Push for DC statehood goes national ahead of 2020 presidential election

3/12/19 D.C. Statehood Gets Support From U.S. House

3/11/19 It’s Historic: D.C. Statehood Moves Closer to Passage

3/8/19 Momentum for DC Statehood Surges as HR 1 Passage 'Paves the Way' to End Disenfranchisement

3/8/19 House Of Representatives Supports D.C. Statehood With Historic Vote

3/7/19 Senate Democrats’ Push to Expand Voting Rights

3/7/19 Charles Schumer says D.C. statehood is a priority, a first for Senate Democrats

3/5/19 D.C. statehood to be voted on in the House for the first time in a quarter century

3/4/19 The Movement for D.C. Statehood Gains Momentum

2/28/19 Warner endorses D.C. statehood, leaving Hoyer as the last local holdout

2/28/19 jonetta rose barras: Why is some guy who represents Missouri poking in DC’s business?

2/27/19 Va. Senator Mark Warner Says He Will Sponsor D.C. Statehood Legislation

2/4/19 Mayor Muriel Bowser Wants D.C. Statehood, Prosperity For Residents

1/10/19 Norton seeks statehood push in newly Democratic House

1/7/19 Could D.C. Statehood Become a Reality This Time?

1/4/19 House leadership gives its blessing to D.C. statehood



11/9/18 Virginia’s Jennifer Wexton Comes Out In Support Of D.C. Statehood

10/16/18 Democrats need to get serious on statehood for DC and Puerto Rico

10/5/18 ‘Poisoning democracy’: in a city without representation in Congress, repeal of ballot measure angers residents

9/18/18 Member of European Parliament Calls for DC Statehood

9/17/18 Could a Constitutional loophole grant D.C. statehood? The District's delegate in congress thinks so

8/6/18 D.C. Statehood: Should activists go bipartisan, or try a Democratic power grab?

7/30/18 Journalist: Dems should push for Puerto Rico, DC statehood after 2020

2/23/18 A Viewpoint on D.C. Statehood

2/22/18 DC Statehood Bill Gains Traction



12/14/17 D.C.'s Battle for Statehood Is Moving Away From the District

12/12/17 In 2017, Pursuing DC Statehood in Congress Is Like “Hunting a Bear With a Rock”

7/28/17 Bowser Administration Discloses New D.C. Statehood Strategy

3/31/17 Should the District of Columbia become the 51st state?

3/27/17 Is The Best Route To D.C. Statehood Through Maryland?

3/1/17 To dream the impossible dream: D.C. officials file bill, petition for statehood



12/6/16 Trump, D.C. mayor talk statehood, Metro budget

11/9/16 D.C. Votes Overwhelmingly To Become 51st State

11/7/16 DC mayor on statehood vote, ‘historic’ early voting turnout

10/26/16 D.C. statehood called important for LGBT rights

10/24/16 Bill Murray: The latest champion of D.C. statehood?

10/20/16 Washingtonians should vote for statehood to send a message

10/18/16 D.C. Council cedes more power of statehood constitution to residents

10/18/16 DC Council settles on new name for District in statehood push

9/7/16 D.C. Statehood Campaign Kicks Off With Promise Of National Pressure

7/27/16 D.C. mayor pushes statehood issue at Democratic National Convention

7/22/16 Republicans shouldn’t scoff at D.C. statehood

7/19/16 Bowser goes to Republican convention to push for D.C. statehood

7/13/16 D.C. statehood referendum receives big push forward

6/29/16 It’s Official: If D.C. Becomes The 51st State, It Will Be Known As… New Columbia

6/16/16 In quest to be 51st state, D.C. convenes first constitutional convention of the 21st century

6/14/16 Did Bryce Harper just join the D.C. Statehood cause?

5/11/16 Clinton: I support D.C. statehood

5/4/16 ‘Fair is fair’: A sensible path for D.C. statehood

5/2/16 D.C. Wants To Become The 51st State. And Here’s How It Plans On Going About It.

4/28/16 Why Washington, DC is seeking statehood

4/25/16 $26 Billion of Taxation without Representation

4/25/16 D.C. Paid More In Federal Taxes Than 22 States Last Year

4/21/16 Bowser Plans To Submit Request For D.C. Statehood To New President And Congress

4/21/16 D.C. leaders commit to constitutional convention, Nov. vote in new push for D.C. statehood

4/15/16 The State of New Columbia?

4/15/16 D.C. mayor calls for citywide vote to make nation’s capital the 51st state

4/15/16 One More Reason Why Everyone Should Support D.C. Statehood

4/15/16 Mayor of Washington, D.C., Calls for Vote to Prod Congress on Statehood

4/15/16 Norton Praises Mayor Bowser’s New Effort to Have D.C. Residents Vote on Statehood