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Watch the June 16, 2020 Press Conference hosted by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announcing the June 26, 2020 vote on H.R. 51:

Watch the September 19, 2019 House Committee on Oversight and Reform Hearing on H.R. 51:

The Committee heard testimony from members of the D.C. government and a retired member of the Armed Services who is a D.C. resident.

  • “And, yes, it is true that we are brown and liberal, but denying statehood would be unfair no matter who was affected—it would be unfair if we were conservatives from a rural district built around agriculture or an industrial city in the heartland.  This is America, and Americans are entitled to equal protection under the law, and that’s why you should support statehood,” testified Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of the District of Columbia.
  • “The District’s success, even in the face of these hurdles that no other jurisdiction must ensure, demonstrates that, in addition to our being entitled to full and fair representation, the District is capable of managing its affairs just like any state.  To that end, we stand on our record of responsible governing,” testified Phil Mendelson, the Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia.
  • “The District of Columbia has made a remarkable journey to its strongest financial position in its history with a positive general fund balance exceeding $2.8 billion. This turnaround is testimony to the financial practices put into place that continue to be enhanced by the District’s elected leadership and key stakeholders,” testified Jeffrey S. DeWitt, the Chief Financial Officer of the Government of the District of Columbia.
  • “Finally, there is but one conclusion - that D.C. military veterans have a fundamental right and earned benefit to have a voice in the election of those representatives who make our laws.  Congress must now do the only right thing and stand up for our D.C. military veterans who have stood up for you,” testified Kerwin E. Miller a DC resident, attorney, and retired Naval Reserve Commander.